JungleLab Hasura GraphQL API

This is our preferred option as it is probably the most flexible option and allows an easy schema exploration.

How to query data?

Network: mainnet Endpoint​

testnet Endpoint ​

  1. Go to graphiql-online
  2. Enter one of the below endpoints into the input.
  3. Click around the tree on the left side, building queries can be done just by clicking around.

The queries and relationships are extensible, we suggest just clicking around the tree to make the queries and it will become easy over time.

Always keep in mind our data model and schema.

Query Formatting

Find all the different entities and parameters for interacting with the API.

Core Entities

tokens: Gets data on single tokens things: The token type (metadata wrapper) metadata: Indexed metadata lists: Marketplace listings offers: Offers made to market listings minters: Allowed mintings accounts earnings: Historical earnings per account royaltys: Forever splits for a token splits: One-time splits for a token market listing approvals: Token approvals allowlists banlists